About the Author

Bonnie Herron is an author with a rich, varied background that informs her writing. Before turning to writing fiction, Bonnie’s activities included the following:

  • publishing articles;
  • editing and annotating books;
  • serving on the Board of the Juvenilia Press;
  • presenting conference papers in Canada, the USA, and England.

Bonnie’s PhD focused on 18th century writers. Her interest in writing about women who must cope with adversity led to her creating My Courage Rises, a compelling story that begins in Scotland over one hundred years ago.

Her experience in marketing at IBM Canada Ltd. and, later, in teaching at the post-secondary level, resulted in Bonnie’s achieving success in business, as well as enjoying the rewards of working with students. Her unique combination of experience has given Bonnie the ability to create a fast-paced, well-researched story that chronicles the struggles and heartbreaks of a female entrepreneur in My Courage Rises.

As a former triathlete, Bonnie continues to enjoy running as well as hiking in the Canadian Rockies each summer.

Currently, Bonnie conducts research for her next book. She also visits book clubs, to discuss their impressions of her novel, and to answer questions about choices she made when she created her characters and their stories in My Courage Rises. Bonnie believes “the best part about being an author is listening to my readers.” 

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