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mycouragerises My Courage Rises is available online, in paperback and eBook formats. Just click here.

You’ll notice that the amazon site gives a preview of Bonnie’s story. Click on the Kindle version of the book to read the first few chapters. Reviews of Bonnie’s story have been posted by readers on both amazon sites: .com and .ca.

Bonnie enjoys visiting book clubs in the Vancouver and Victoria, BC regions.  Club members purchase signed, print copies of My Courage Rises  and then Bonnie visits their club when they discuss her book.

A few comments from book clubs that enjoyed the benefits of an author visit include: “. . . a wonderful and memorable evening that had the community buzzing for weeks after! Bonnie is a fabulous story teller. Everyone was enthralled as she shared how she researched and wrote her novel, as well as her motivation in creating and developing her characters. It was a fascinating experience.”   Willis Point Book Club

Bonnie’s “love of language, period, and storytelling is wonderful.” “Thank you for a wonderful read. I’m sure dear Jane [Austen] would be delighted!”   Salon Group Book Club

If your book club in the Vancouver, BC region would like to arrange for an author visit, please contact Bonnie by using the Contact Form on this site.   

My Courage Rises is part of the Emerging Local Authors’ Collection at the Greater Victoria Public Library.